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The V-Lang project aims at widespread use of Virtual Learning settings in on line language training which have already been successfully tested by commercial products such as Language Lab.

The use of Virtual 3D Worlds in on line language training provides a full audio  communication system which allows to put into practice students language skills in  immersive and social environments, in Collaborative and Problem-Based Learning  environments that promote their Creativity and Innovation. To that end, V-Lang project focuses on the development, experimentation and dissemination of a free Toolkit built upon Open Source that will allow the swift integration of Virtual Worlds in on line language learning.

The Toolkit will provide a ready to install virtual village and classrooms allowing for immersive and collaborative training environments, as well as methodology guidelines for the integration and impact assessment of such approach into traditional on line language training. V-Lang "Creative and Open Language Training in Virtual Worlds" is a European project co-funded by Lifelong Learning Programme under Key Activity 3 – Information and Communication Technologies.
Everything what you need to know about V-Lang is on its website: www.v-lang.eu

We also invite you to check the V-Lang International Conference website, where you can find a presentations of well-known key speakers from EU, as well as post-conference publication in which we collect articles from different specialist who are interested in the ICT usage for language learning: www.v-langconference.eu

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