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Slovak On-line

The Project Slovak On-Line is a multilingual website which is designed to teach Slovak language to foreigners.

The idea for the project came from the fact that there is lack of Slovak language learning materials in printed and electronic version (e-learning and Internet). Many who are interested in the language therefore do not have the opportunity to learn more about it – therefore they must rely on summer courses (relatively expensive and limited in terms of time and capacity), or give up their learning plans.

The Slovak language is particularly useful for:

  • Foreigners living in Slovakia
  • Partners in mixed marriages
  • Inhabitants of border regions
  • Ethnic Slovaks abroad
  • Slovakists and Slavists
  • Immigrants
  • Students
  • Tourists

The slovake.eu portal provides all such interested parties with the opportunity to learn more about Slovak in their home country, as well as learning its basics before arriving in Slovakia. In this way Slovakia and the Slovak language will become more visible abroad (the course will allow many persons to learn about the language and culture of this country free of charge). At the same time, the online course will allow people to learn the language in a faster and more flexible way (during leisure time) while enjoying themselves (games, tests, contests).

The website is available in five languages (DE, EN, EO, FR, LT, PL, SK), with the option of additional languages to be added (according users needs).

Check how easy can Slovak be for you, only on www.slovake.eu

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