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EuroLang 2012

The project “EuroLang2012” is addressed to participants, visitors and football fans coming to the European Football Championships, which will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine in 2012. The target group comprises people coming from various social groups, professional and educational backgrounds, high school and university students, job seekers, workers, adults and elderly people.The main objectives of the project are: teaching Polish and Ukrainian and familiarising the participants of the Euro 2012 with the cultures of both host countries, which are less known in Europe.

The project realization included preparing a multilingual internet service, where didactical materials presenting Polish and Ukrainian languages and cultures were placed. The aim of the project was to develop the on-line language courses and practical information guide. The innovative teaching method was based on e-learning technology, assuring perfect functionality. The course users are offered a modern and useful tool to study the language and reality of countries, which in the eyes of Western Europe, still seem to be culturally distant. The didactic materials have been developed in 23 EU official languages plus Ukrainian and Russian. The project should diminish the distrust and unjustifiable fear of hosting countries among all visitors participating in Euro 2012, as well as, the cultural distance towards Poland and Ukraine.

The project consortium has been set up with the utmost attention to gather professional educational entities dealing with language teaching and promoting intercultural understanding and values. The partner organizations are located in Poland, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria and Italy. The German company has its branch office in Sweden. The partnership consists of four highly profiled educational institutions (universities, educational and training centres), advertising company, which had strongly supported the project dissemination activities and company from SME sector.

The EuroLang2012 project has resulted in five products called: Language course, Glossary, Guide, Audio and „Poland and Ukraine”. The main product is Language course. Others have a supplementary character. Glossary is a multimedia product supporting the course, Guide offers linguistic advice and is related to the course. These products are available in 25 languages (23 EU languages, Ukrainian and Russian). The section Audio offers mp3 files ready to be downloaded and “Poland and Ukraine” presents culture of both countries.

The “EuroLang2012. Towards Euro 2012 with Polish and Ukrainian language” project webpage is available at www.eurolang2012.com. It contains information about the project and preparations for 2012 European Football Championships.

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