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E-Bridge to mobility

The “E-bridge to mobility” project is intended for people who want to travel to other EU member states in pursuit of education, work or other personal goals. The project targets two groups, namely people under 25 and those over 65, from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Slovakia (source countries), who plan to move to older EU member states including England, Germany and Spain (destination countries). The objective of the project is to facilitate the mobility of the target group members by assisting them in submerging themselves in the real world of the new country and to enable a smooth and successful pursuit of their professional and personal goals. An important issue of the project in this respect is to develop the ability to use ICT tools in the process of lifelong learning of languages and the acquisition of information, which will spur European mobility. There are eight participants involved in the project coming from the source and destination countries and representing a variety of organisations including three universities, two SMEs, a language training centre, a consulting company and an educational foundation.

All the partners have a long-standing experience in international European projects with qualifications and skills in all the spheres essential for the project such as cooperation and evaluation in multilingual and multicultural environments and foreign language teaching with innovative ICT solutions.

The project applies a whole range of modern methodologies concerned with the creation and development of educational content for ICT-based solutions. We implement IML (Integrated Micro Learning), e-learning, m-learning and multimedia learning. CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is also used for the preparation of teaching materials.The most significant project results accomplished so far include five primary educational products: Language course, Mobiles, Screensavers, Pictionary and Basic Law. The “Language course” product is an online e-learning course for the languages spoken in the destination countries. Other products are auxiliary and complement the course. Each of them presents specific teaching content, which is most suitable for a given IT solution. We have completed technological products including a website, an e-learning platform, interactive forms, screensavers software, an e-mobiles package and WEB 2.0 functionalities. We have also undertaken numerous dissemination activities. One of the lessons learnt is the decision to reduce the scope of the target groups for greater utility, relevance and sustainability.

All the products and information concerning the project can be found at: 2mobility.eu.

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