We are a private, dynamic higher education institution established in the year 1999. A student population of our university numbers about 2000 persons. Our main objective is to provide students with knowledge and practical skills at the highest level, complied with EU standards.

Warsaw Academy admits students for both undergraduate and graduate courses: there are three faculties educating students on a full-time and extramural basis.

Professionalism combined with the best brand and meticulous care for students distinguishes Warsaw Academy from among institutions which offer trainings and courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. We prepare classes according to individual orders and preferences of the student. The classes are led by recognized specialists - academic lecturers and excellent practicians with many years of professional experience. Students have the opportunity to acquire at Warsaw Academy knowledge of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of scientific innovations in the studied areas.

Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration in Warsaw is open to transnational European cooperation and maintains cooperative relations with the EU universities and research centres. In 2006 Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration completed carrying on the Local Contact Point of the 6th Framework Programme of the EU, which consisted of transmitting information and promotion of Framework Programmes of the EU, updating of offers, contacts with companies and research institutions, assistance in gaining partners to EU projects, working contact with the Regional Contact Point and participation in trainings organized by Regional Contact Points.

In 2007 Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration started leading of the Local Contact Point of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

Academic and administrative bodies

The Rector of our University is Prof. Zdzisław Nowakowski.
To our academic staff belong the most outstanding experts in computer science, management, administration and telecommunications in Poland, acknowledged nationally and internationally for their scientific work, rich didactic experience and modern teaching methods.

The seminar groups are led by economists, lawyers, professional diplomats and distinguished experts in politics.

Current academic community includes 100 members of academic staff.

Rector Magnificus
Prof. Zdzisław Nowakowski

Vice-Rector for International Relations
Prof. Sławomir Czepielewski

Ewa Piechota

Adresses and phone numbers

Applying to Warsaw Academy:

Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration name in Polish: Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki, Zarządzania i Administracji

03-948 Warszawa
ul. Meksykańska 6

Our recruitment point is as follow:

ul. Meksykańska 6
tel. +48 22 616 15 66

We assure we will answer to your questions:

Mateusz Czepielewski - Project Manager
E-mail: mateusz.czepielewski@warsawacademy.com

Tel.: +48 22 628 54 52
Fax: +48 22 628 06 45

If you have additional questions about education at Warsaw Academy you are strongly advised to contact our website: www.dobrauczelnia.pl.